Equipment and Experimental Techniques

Waters Synapt-G2 HDMS

Waters Synapt-G2 HDMS
Schematics of the Waters Synapt-G2 HDMS
The Synapt G2 is an ion mobility/mass spectrometry (IM/MS) instrument equipped with an electrospray-ionization source. The instrument can be operated in the IM/MS and in the MS only mode. After ion generation by electrospray, parent ions can be selected by using a quadrupole mass filter. In the IM/MS mode, the ions first are collected in an argon-filled trapping area as part of the stacked ring ion guide (SRIG) called Trap directly located in front of the ion-mobility analyzer. The first part of the ion-mobility separation SRIG is filled with He to alleviate the transfer of the pulsed in ion bunch from the trap to the Ion-Mobility Separator whose major part is filled with nitrogen. According to their ion-cross sections ions having the same nominal mass are separated by their different drift times. After passing through the SRIG called Transfer the ions are mass analyzed by a reflectron time-of-flight mass spectrometer having a mass resolution up to 40000 (50% valley definition). In addition, ion-molecule reactions can be studied by using the trap, IM and/or the transfer cell as reaction cells, respectively. To this end, the instrument has been modified and equipped with a series of mass-flow controllers by which various neutral substrates can be leaked into the individual regions.